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What is keeping you from Becoming
your most authentic self?

transform your life with therapy

Welcome to Becoming You, a place of healing and transformation.

We specialize in Anxiety, OCD, and Trauma.

Are you ready for meaningful change?

Are you ready for personal growth and transformation? Are you driven and committed to making those significant changes that will pave the way for you to build the future you aspire to achieve? ​My goal is to provide you with a plan to move forward. Creating change in your life is about making the choice to do something different. I will provide you with the tools needed, but a lot of the work is done outside of the therapy session. 

You are here because...

  • You have felt disconnected from yourself and are now seeking ways to enhance your life

  • You are looking for ways to develop self-awareness and explore how your past continues to affect you

  • You need strategies that will help you find relief from anxiety, fear, and uncertainty

  • You are struggling with daily life challenges and don't know how to break the cycle

  • You are overwhelmed by thoughts, images, and urges that you don't want to have

  • You are ready to stop missing out in life

Let me help you discover the most authentic version of you.  

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Hey, I'm Berenice (she/her)

I am a licensed mental health professional and founder of Becoming You. I specialize in Anxiety, OCD, and trauma disorders. My goal is to offer you a safe space where you:

  • will be able to explore your thoughts, emotions, fears, behaviors, or concerns at your own pace and without judgment

  • will be met with empathy and understanding 

  • will be able to reconnect with yourself and improve your overall well-being

  • will be able to unload negative life experiences and reclaim your life from trauma

  • will learn how to overcome and break the cycle of Anxiety and OCD

Why choose therapy?

Many believe that there must be a problem, issue, or mental health disorder to engage in therapy. The truth is, everyone regardless of life circumstances can benefit from psychotherapy. People choose to engage in therapy for various reasons. Therapy can help cope with life challenges. It can also help by teaching you techniques and strategies that you can apply in your real life. The therapeutic relationship formed in therapy is also a powerful tool that can promote a sense of belonging. You do not need to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Therapy is for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being. 

Start living your life today!

At Becoming You, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable with your therapist. That's why we provide a complimentary 20-minute consultation where you can explore the advantages of therapy with our experienced therapist before beginning services. This opportunity allows you to ensure that our therapist aligns with your needs and preferences. We prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout your therapeutic journey. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the free 20-minute consultation.

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